Our sweetest pass away cats

In memory to our wonderful sweethearts. We are still missing them.
It was an enormous loss for us and very, very hard to say goodbye to them.
We will never forget them. They are in our hearts forever.......

"Poem, Rainbow bridge"

Picture Name and Color Born Died
SC. Snow Bear of the Booted TomcatCream Tabby Point (PER e 21 33)
IC. Candy Kisses Double Forgeron
(PER g 33)
2007 2019
NW. SC. GIP Happy Moment Double Forgeron DSM
(PER g 33)
1999 2019
CH. Wildest Dream
(PER g 33)
2007 2018
EC. Misty Brown's Blue Magic
(PER a 33)
2002 2017
GIC. Betty Boop Double Forgeron
(PER a 33)
2007 2017
Good Times of Mirror Home
(PER a 21 33)
2014 2015
Every Times of Mirror Home (Eva)
(PER d 21 33)
2014 2015
IC. Here I Am of the Booted Tomcat
(PER f 33)
2005 2014
Little Dipper Double Forgeron
(PER n 33)
1999 2013
GIC. Alomi's Million Dollar Baby. DM
(PER a 33)
2000 2012
Miss Maggy May Double Forgeron
(PER g 21 33)
2010 2011
Mad About You Double Forgeron
(PER f 33)
2001 2011
Keystone Send Me An Angel
(PER f 33)
1996 2011
IP. Cream Cracker Double Forgeron
(PER e 33)
2007 2010
GIP/EC. Keystone Never Say Never Again
(PER d 33)
1997 2009
IC. Piece of Cake Double Forgeron
(PER a 33)
2003 2008
GIC. Heavenly Rose Double Forgeron
(PER d 33)
1998 2007
IC. Grisabella del Gato de Cristal
(PER a 33)
1993 2006
GIC. Desiderata des Rideaux
(PER d 33)
1992 2006
IC. Beaudiel Double Forgeron
(PER f 33)
1993 2004
EP/EC. Misty Brown´s Red Pepper
(PER e33)
1995 2003
IP. Dotaschka´s Silvester
(PER n33)
1988 2002
Amourette Double Forgeron
(PER a33)
1991 2002
IP/CH. Kimberly of Sweet Baby Face
(PER a33)
1990 1999

Remember us always,
but do not grieve for us too long
We have tried always to comfort you in times of sorrow
and have made every effort to add joy to your life
We never wanted to cause you pain
Peace for me is certain now
and we suspect we will have eternal sleep in the earth we have loved so well
Please, after your period of grieving for us,
make room in your heart for another
You are the kind of human being that should always have a friend like us to love
Your kind and gentle heart should not be wasted on my memory for too long
Give your love to another
We know your new friend will never take my place, because we had something very special
You loved us very much and we loved you
Our spirit will always be with you, and no matter how deep we sleep
our grateful heart will always be purring for you the pursss.