Show impressies 2016

Show Impression MUNDIKAT kattenshow Uitgeest (NH) 14-02-2016



So relexed

Wait ... Wait

Always smiling Hanne Sofie

Napoli by judge Helene Reiter and pupil Ietje Röhr

Critical faces

So young but so heavy

Judge did not focus on his game

Our U're my Wish

She has the same judge

Mommy my hair

I want to go home

I'am here

Back for nomination with the boss

The tortie won the nom

Napoli back for nom

Show Impression Felis Belgica show(B)   Sunday 27 november 2016


Always busy ....

Hal Expo Herselt

Our Favorite shop

Napoli and Me

Our BIG love .....

By Judge Satu Hämäläinen

Lovely Young boy

So nice Judge

Satu like Napoli so much .....

Me too

Big Kissssss

So relexed

Happy and Me .....

Happy by Judge Louis Coste

HELP ......

LOL.....Not for me

Four Males back for Nomination..... but .....

Napoli was the BEST by the Judge today

Happy back for Nomination

Two boys for Best in Show

Our Napoli

Big Kiss

Our little Bear


Both one votes

Buth Anna Wilczek choice for the white boy

Show Impression Mundikatshow Groningen (NL)    22 & 23    oktober 2016

Cages in new colour Blue

Happy by judge Henry Hornell (PL)

She is our princess

Always hugging

Not so much coat but it comes

Finish touch

Napoli by judge Henry Hornell

Lovely boy said the judge

Our big love

Lot or males, better as the Creampoint, Napoli staying

Now the white male of friends

Yes, Napoli nominated


Happy finish touch

Waiting and playing

Napoli with the Best in Show

Judge Fabio Brambilla

A beautiful Birman was BIS


Happy and me

Happy by judge Fabio Brambilla (IT)

Napoli has the same judge


I think he love me

Yes, it's so


Back for nomination

Napoli nominated


Happy back for nomination

Five adults males for the Best in Show

No words


Napoli Best in Show

Show Impression Mundikatshow Boxtel (NL)22 bsp;   mei 2016

Cages in Blue

"NW SG GIP Happy Moment Double Forgeron DSM"

Happy by Judge Charles Spijker (NL)

and pupil Ietje Röhr

They were in love with her blue eyes.........

Still life

Happy back for Nomination, the beautiful Ragdoll won.....

Our proud "NSW Lengree Napoli JW"

Grooming for the Judge

Happy mummy

Patient wait

Napoli by Judge Cristiano Federico Sandon......

Both big eyes.....

Boy oh Boy

Just Play

YES, he did it again ...........

Four Beautiful cats back for the Best in Show ..........

No Words ..........

Judge Stéphane Henry

Corry and Napoli

Ragdoll won the Best in Show........

Theme was Flower Power ........LOL........

Show Impression Catclub "The Garden Of England "Felis Britannica at Edenburg (UK) 7 & 8 may 2016


Check again Napoli his number

Napoli by judge Gerado Frago

Big Kiss

Always play anywhere

Also with Gerado's beard

Helping himself with writing

So sweet

Ready has the same Judge as Napoli

U're my Wish

Our big love

Sometimes a another chat as about cats

Wish by judge Vesna Riznar - Resetic

Bad yellow light in the hall

Everyone busy for the BIS

Napoli by the BIS

Yes, our Naopoli BIS - Best Category 1 and

Napoli his private steward in the UK, Rachel

Fourth Best Over Best

Wish by judge Gerado Frago

No words

Napoli by judge Vesna Riznar - Resetic

Ready is SP and DSM and one year fineshes but sometime we take him with us for the fum.

Super weekend

Wish also nominated

Napoli again BIS and now Junior Winner, so proud at the little boy

Napoli with a lovely steward.

Wish also BIS

and Best Category 1 and Third Best over Best

We had a great weekend in Edenbridge UK

GIC. U're my Wish Double Forgeron JW
First day: CACS - NOM - BIS
Second day: CACS - NOM - BIS

NSW Lengree Napoli JW
First day: EX1 - NOM - BIS - Best Cat.1 - BOB fourth
Second day: EX1 - NOM - BIS - Best Cat.1 - BOB third

Show Impression Felikat North Sea Winner Show 2016 at Schiedam (NL) 23+24 April 2016

Our Cages, Blue this weekend

Dear Friends ....

Stewards North Sea Winner Show 2016

Grooming our sweet boy Napoli

Always playing

No words ......

Napoli and me ......

By Judge Steven Jones (NO)

"Both" ..... so relaxed

Napoli cuddle with the hand of the Judge and gave kisses.....

Write together


So Proud on this boy

Dear Judge

Thank you dear Judge

Team Judges Thnxx.

Team Judges and Stewards.

Napoli Nominated and Best in Show

North Sea Winner 2016

At home with the prices

Show Impression TICA kattenshow Asperen (NL) 16-04-2016

Napoli wins three finals from five rings and from 43 kittens

Show Impression Mundikat "PAAS" kattenshow Nieuwegein 27 + 28 maart 2016

Our Cages, Lilac this weekend

Happy, our NW. SC. GIP and DSM girl
NW=National Winner, SC=Supreme Champion, GIP=Great International Premior, DSM=Distinguished Show Merit

Both open look .........

Happy by Judge Aina Hauge (NO)

She got her first CAPS and was NOMINATED!

Our little boy "NAPOLI"

Always playing ........

Love him so much !

So happy with him (Napoli)

Fudge waiting for the Judge

Karin and me .........

Fudge by Judge Linda Sviksa (LV)

She got her second CACIB

Our breed Xcept No Limit with his owner Gwenda

So lovely, beautiful boy........

Three Double Forgerons .......

Napoli for the BIS with Milena

Four beautiful juniors

Exciting .....


So proud .....

Happy for the Best in Show

LOVELY .....

One point, she lost in the panel

Second day, with Fudge and Napoli..........

Napoli, Ellen and me ..........

Friend <;~))

Napoli by Judge Vladimir Isakov from Russia


Vladimir and pupil M. Mazoni from Italy

So relaxed .....

Everyone is in love with Napoli.....

Fudge and me.....

Fudge by Judge Charles Spijker, she got her third CACIB

After a very busy weekend is still a lot or fun.....

Ellen helps me with Napoli for the Best in Show.

Five beautiful Juniors back for NOMINATION

In his "play" Napoli jumped almost off the table.....

Always play

Here he just lies on his back

YES, AGAIN BEST IN SHOW, tears of joy..............

Lena a friend of Danmark, she has breed also Himalayans she was totally in love with Napoli.....

Show Impression Felis Belgica kattenshow Tienen 06-03-2016

Lengree Napoli, 6 monts old


My favorite shop

True Love .....


Sooo Sweet......

Napoli by Judge Marta Ziemianska

She likes me ............

Our Wish has the same Judge

She lost a lot of her coat

Our Fudge has also the same Judge (Pphhhffftttt)

Fudge got her first CACIB

What whispers Wish in Fudge her ear.....

Napoli back for Nomination.

Beautiful coat

Lovely espression

But not Nominated....

Wish back for Nomination

Our doll...........
The day after the show Belgium

Show Impression MUNDIKAT kattenshow Uitgeest (NH) 14-02-2016


Lengree Napoli, oh so sweet....

U're my Wish, our proud by Judge Lee Selassa

Always so sweet

One cup got our Wish.

U're my Wish back for Nomination

Whoops a Daisy by Judge Helene Reiter

She got Exelent 1

and nothing more today......

Our new boy Lengree Napoli with Karin

With us for the first time on show.

Both so relaxed .....

By Judge Martin Sanda

Back for Nomination, but beated

Wish for the BIS

Her Favoriet Steward .....

YES, U're my Wish BEST IN SHOW

Show Impression FELIKAT kattenshow Nieuw Vennep 10-01-2016

Cages new color

Whoopsy and me to the Judge

By Judge Veikko Saarelo from Finland

Our Doll

By parallal Judge M. Kudra (Poland)

Finishing Touch

Mama-mama .....

Our breed Xact for Me

New Catogory 1 Exciting but Whoopsy Nominated. So Proud

Wish back for Nomination....

no words

Whoopsy for the Best In Show