Show impressies 2022

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Show Impression Mundikatshow Oss (Nederland) 10+11 - 12 - 2022

Our X-Mass cages, first price day one, thanxx Mundikat

Always busy

Our little boy King (5 monts old)

ZsaZsa by Judge Kudra Magdalena

Our King of Kings by Judge Skotarcyk Miroslaw

ZsaZSa by Judge Kudra Magdalena

Napoli has the same Judge, Skotarcyk Miroslaw

Face to Face

Back for Nomination

Rijkdom - Wealth

Best in Show

Fire Cracker, our breed

King with the Best in Show

Critical faces

King loves shows

Our pride


Second day

ZsaZSa at the Judge Anna Wijbrands

King by Judge Stephan Henry

Our own breed, so proud .....

Napoli back for Nomination

ZsaZsA back for Nomination

Napoli for Nomination

YES, Napoli is the lucky one

King back for Nomination


Show Impression Felikatshow Beverwijk (Nederland)
12 - 11 - 2022

Our Sturdy cages

Our proud King of Kings, 4 monts old.

By Judge Bobby Funk

Wonderful little boy

By Judge Juanjo Martinez


Our King for the second Judge Anna Wijbrands

Love him so very much .....

Zsa ZSa

Zsa ZSa back for Nomination

She lost the Nomination

Zsa ZSa by Judge Vladimir Isakov

Our little boy back for Nomination

King of Kings


Show Impression WERELDSHOW 2022 Mechelen (BelgiŽ)
29-30 Oktober 2022

Our Sturdy cage

Opening Worldshow 2022

One of the stands with Teasers

Our Lovely boy Napoli

By Judge Robert Lubrano

Our little boy "King" (4 mnds old)


By Judge Britta Busse

Exciting -_- Back for Nomination

Koffie car

Drink, Eat and Eat.....

Food, many FOODDDD


Walking in Mechelen city

Wine - wine


Our Photographer Richard

What a people

Show Impression Mundikat kattenshow Gorredijk (NL)
8 - 9 Oktober -2022

Our cage

Always nice when Leo comes on show

Our Napoli by Judge Rikka Turpeinen


Zsa-Zsa and me.....


So happy with this girl

Our breed Fire Cracker Double Forgeron

Our favorite steward Monique

Napoli Best in show (veteraan)

Our Girl Zsa-Zsa now 7 months

Cracker by judge Ad de Bruijn

Napoli and me.....

Back for Nomination

Happy Corinne

Back for nomination (veteraan)

Napoli our sweet boy

Zsa-Zsa with Iris, lovely steward


Show Impression Felis Belgica kattenshow Glabbeek(B)
20 augustus 2022

Our Sturdy's

Zsa-Zsa and me waiting

Zsa-Zsa by Judge Magdalena Kudra (Poland)

Zsa-Zsa by Judge Magdalena and Pupil Judge

Corinne and Cracker Double Forgeron, our breed

Joy of Life Double Forgeron and me

Joy has the same Judge and Pupil

Joy by Judge Steven Jones (S)

Our spoiled Girl

Zsa-Zsa back for Nomination

Joy back for Nomination with 5 beautiful girls, she was second best girl

The girl from Jessica was the first best girl


Zsa Zsa by Judge Laura Scholten

Back for nomination, Zsa Zsa and Cracker both Nominated

Three beautiul girls back for Nominatie and yes our Zsa Zsa was the best

Cracker Best in Show

Zsa Zsa and Steward Gerard, lost by equai vote and lottery

Show Impression Mundikat kattenshow Middenbeemster (NL)
13 - 14 augustus -2022

My bleu curtains

Grooming time....

Cracker by Judge Anna Wijbrands

Joy and me waiting

By Judge Henry Stephane

Lovely young girl


Napoli by Judge Yan Roca Folch


Love this boy so very much

With Joy back for Nomination

Always exiting back for Nomination


Napoli with the best in Show

Joy with the best in show


Always busy......

Napoli and me

Corinne and Cracker

No words

In Love

He did it again, NAPOLI BEST IN SHOW

Show Impression Mundikat kattenshow UITGEEST (NL)
18-19 juni -2022

Very busy

always for the judge

Me and our lovely boy

Napoli by judge Montovani Gianfranco {IT}

Intervieuw NOS
Back for nomination

Our new girl HU*Charmant Colour Zsa Zsa

Judge Lee with his little cousin

So sweet...both

Napoli back for nomination

Zsa Zsa back for nomination

Yes...Zsa Zsa nomination

The picture......

Napolie Nominatie

Napoli Best in categorie 1 and BEST in SHOW

Show Impression Felikat kattenshow Kerkdriel (NL)

Met de nieuwe sturdy's aan het showen

Effe mooi maken van de show katten

Ook hulp aan de showkat van Ellen hoort er een beetje bij, :))

Wachten op je beurt bij de Keurmeester

Bij Judge Adresas Woelm

Ons fokje Cracker was favoriet bij Adreas Woelm

Angelo met zijn Franse Concurent, helaas verloren voor de BIS

Joy en Rose wachten op de Judge

Wachten duurd erg lang, toch??

Angelo by Judge Adreas Woel.....

Rose Best in Show met trotse mamma en pleeg pappa

Cracker Best in Show

Show Impression Felikat kattenshow Klundert (NL)

Joy of Life and me

Waiting for the judges

Dark Wild Rose Double Forgeron with owner Corinne

IT* Crazy Life D'Angelo for the first time on show, two years old

Albert with NSW.IP.Fire Cracker Double Forgeron

...... Angelo .....

Joy of Life, 8 months old

Cracker two times Nominated


Angelo back for nomination

Our Sturdi, my favorite color for the Colourpoints

Our sweet boy, Angelo


Angelo back for nomination

Proud owners

Joy and me

Back for nomination, there were 7 juniors

Cracker two times Best in Show

Our speciale girl was nominated

Show Impression Mundikat PAAS kattenshow Hanzehal Zutphen (NL)
17 - 18 - 04 - 2022

BIS in the Ukraine colours

Always busy....

New Colour curtains

Joy by Judge Marta Ziemianska

Lovely little girl...

Jordy with Storm Double Forgeron (our Breed)

Eye has the same Judge

Eye to Eye doesn't like shows, she stay at home now....

Cake a lot

Our pride, such a great male

Steward Esther, exciting for the Best in Show

Our favorite Steward with Napoli

Our lovely boy....

No words......

Judge Eric Reijers and Marta....

He did it again....

Best in Show picture, Jordy, me and my Napoli


Joy by Judge Eric Reijers

Napoli by Judge Bobby Funk

Eye has the same Judge

Jordy and Debby with Storm waiting fot the Judge

Napoli, he is heavy

Respect for these stewards, TOP

YES, Best in Show also the second day