Show impressies 2017

Show Impression Mundikatshow Uitgeest 9 & 10 december 2017


Nafanja to the Judge

By Judge Cristiano F.Sandon

Our Big Love

Play Time

So Beautiful ..... Both

Nafanja back for Best in Show

Cozy talk

Beautiful girls

Lovely Steward

Our Napoli also Nominated




By the Best in Show

Nafanja Best in Show

Our pride Napoli

To the Judge

Peeking at the neighbors

By the Judge Cristiano F. Sandon

Back for Nomination


Napoli got his eight CAGCIB .....

and was Nominated

Our Doll Nafanja to the Judge


By Judge Stephane Henry

Big Kissssssss

Nafanja always so relaxed on show

She helps the Judge with writing

Back for Nomination

Nafanja Nominated

At the Best in Show



Judge Natalie Smith

Judge Cristiano F. Sandon

Judge Hristo Simeonov

Judge Stephane Henry and Marteinn Tausen

Who oh who......

Judge Stephe Bruin

YES......Our Nafanja Best in Show

Our Napoli also Nominated

By Judge Cristiano F. Sandon

Beautiful Males, but one can win

Always so relaxed


Navanja Best in Show

It was a great weekend, Napoli both days Nominated and Nafanja both days BEST IN SHOW.....


Show Impression FIFé WERELDSHOW, FELIKAT Rijswijk 28&29 oktober 2017


Napoli to the Judge

By Judge Annette Sjõdin

Always so relaxed

The Judge likes Napoli


So sweet

Love this boy so very much....

Our other love

By Judge Gerardo Fragay Guzman

Young Lady

Lovely Picture

Also relaxed

Our Doll

Nafanja got her second CAC


Yes, Napoli back for Nomination

Pfhtttt so many beautiful males

Exciting .....


OMG Napoli is Nominated.....

The Big day....

To the stage for the Best in Show

And then you must entrust him to the Stewards.....


So ....many Nations

Our boy....Sorry for the bad picture

Napoli got his seventh CACGIB and was Nominated for the Best in show.
He lost the panel but we are so proud that he was Nominated on the FIFÉ WORLD SHOW 2017


Show Impression MUNDIKAT kattenshow Groningen 08 Oktober 2017


Our doll


Nafanja by Judge Youssef Khaled(CZ)

with a Judge student

LOVE .....

Mummy her baby

Our Proudly

By Judge Alessandro Ghibaudo (IT)

always so relaxed Napoli.....

and student Marino Koot

Play Time


Napoli with the Best in Show

Judge Luigi Comorio

Four Beautiful males

Judge Thea Friscovec (CH)

Difficult-But a wonderful male from Denmark became the BIS.

Show Impression MUNDIKAT "PAAS"kattenshow Nieuwegein 16 & 17 april 2017



Our NSW.Shaparack Nafanja

By Judge Luigi Comorio

Always playing

True Love....

Waiting for the nomination Best In Show

Big competition

This day no panel for our Girl.

NSW.NW.IC.Lengrees Napoli. JW

Waiting for the Judge

Judge Cristiano F. Sandon

Pupil Judge Bobby Funk

Napoli back for NOM best in Show

YES, Napoli Nominated

Napoli with his Steward

Fun for the Best in Show

Our proud

On stage

Always so relexed

He got one vote....


Napoli by the Judge

By Judge Luigi Comorio (IT)

Back for Nomination Best in Show

YES, Napoli NOMINATED out seven Males


Waiting for Judge .....


By Judge Stephane Henry

And pupil Bobby Funk

Mummy, he likes me......




Nafanja has a great and super report

Back for Nomination

BIG competition.....

The Judge has back three beautuful Juniors

To the Best in Show

Corry his private Steward......

On Stage

beautiful males

Big Kissssss


Corry and Napoli

So proud

Lovely Easter ribbon

No words

Mummy's Boy


Show Impression North See Winner 2017 Catshow Kortrijk (B) 4 and 5 march 2017

First day


Animalis our favorite shop


Very nice opening, the North Sea Winner Show

Our Nafanja

Waiting for the judge

Judge Marina Vinkel from Estonia

Lovely judge

One of my favourite judge

No words

So sweet

Help with writing

Our doll



Napoli by judge Jorge F. Redonde from Spain

The judge likes Napoli very much

Me too :-))

Playing time

Today only the judges, tomorrow the Nominations and the Best in Show

Second Day

Nafanja back for nomination

Yes, Nafanja is nominated


Napoli back for nomination

Our boy NSW.NW.IC.Lengree Napoli JW

Napoli lost the nomination from a beautiful male from Italy

Nafanja with Karin for the BIS

Thank you Karin for present Nafanja so perfect



Who of the three

Yes :-)) our girl

North Sea Winner

So happy

and soooo proud

Over the moon

Joke and Ton

Persian NSW Winners

See this link with the NSW cats

Show Impression MUNDIKAT kattenshow Boxtel (NB) 11+12 02-2017



Our big love Lengree Napoli


and our proud North Sea Winner, National Winner and Junior Winner


Napoli by judge Veikko Saarela

So relexed

Shaparack Nafanja

Nafanja her first show

Also so relexed

A real show girl


Big kiss

What write the judge

Napoli back for nomination. four beautiful males

The white persian has the nomination

Nafanja back for nomination, three Ragdols and our little girl

Our love

Nafanja wins the Nomination

Also our friends were so happy for us....

Lovely, friendly judge

Napoli National Winner, he got a lot or prizes

Nafanja with the Best in Show


Lot or beautiful kittens


Yes, Nafanja Best in Show

True love

What a day

Best in Show